Hearing Aid Insurance

Have you purchased a pair of private hearing aids, and are wondering if you can insure them against loss and damage?

The simple answer is YES.

Most insurers will provide hearing aid insurance cover.

The easiest way to insure your hearing aids is to contact your existing home insurance provider, and ask them if they provide hearing aid insurance cover, and ask for your hearing aids to be covered on your existing policy.

Depending on your policy wording, hearing aids may be covered in the following ways:

  • As personal possessions within the home
  • As personal possessions away from the home
  • For accidental damage within the home
  • For accidental damage away from the home
  • Under your ‘contents’ as high risk items
  • Under a ‘contents only’ policy
  • Under a home and contents policy

You can also add them to your policy as ‘specified items’ -similar to how you would include expensive jewellery or technology items like phones and laptops. This may affect your premiums so do check this with your insurer.

To specify the hearing aids, you must give a value to your insurer and we recommend you specify the aids separately, for their full amount.

Hearing Aid Insurance Q&A

1. Why should I insure them as specified items? 

If you lose or damage your hearing aid and they are not specified on your policy, you may find that your claim limit does not cover the amount you need to replace the hearing aids, leaving you liable for any additional costs.

However, if you insure your hearing aids separately as specified items, in the event you lose one or both, you will be covered for the full amount. Check with your insurer if adding them to the policy as specified items incurs any additional costs.

2. Why should I insure the aids separately?

When you purchased the hearing aids as a pair, you likely received what’s called a ‘binaural’ discount for buying a pair. This discount may not be available when replacing, so we recommend you insure them at their full list price, per hearing aid.

Some insurers might offer hearing aid insurance but view the pair of hearing aids as ‘one item’, even if you lose both. This could leave you underinsured as you will only be covered for the price of one hearing aid.

3. What information might I need to make a claim?

Depending on your policy inception date and when you purchased the hearing aids, you may need to provide ‘proof of purchase’ to your insurers to verify the claim. We recommend getting a full itemised receipt for your purchase and keeping it in a safe place so you can produce this if asked.

The majority of insurers will appoint a hearing aid specialist, like us, to validate your claim. We will take you through the claim process step by step, collect any paperwork from you and offer expert advice and support to make your claim as simple as possible.

4. What happens when I need to make a claim? 

We recommend you contact your insurers before ordering or purchasing any new hearing aids. As we’ve outlined above, sometimes there may be policy limits in place or the circumstances of loss or damage may not meet the criteria to claim (for example, pet damage is not always covered!) so it’s always best to check before spending any money.

STEP 1: Usually the claim will be passed to a Hearing Aid Specialist, like us, as soon as your claim is registered and accepted. We contact any customers appointed to us the same day, to begin the validation and replacement process. Find out more about how we validate your hearing aid claim here.

STEP 2: If authorised by you, we will put you in touch with an Audiologist within 24 hours to begin ordering and fitting the replacement hearing aids. Our Audiologists are handpicked by us for their customer care, and we have locations all over the UK, and offer free home visits as standard.*

STEP 3: All our replacements come with free lifetime aftercare, for both your replacement hearing aid, but also any existing hearing aids (as a pair) or any accessories you may have. We will facilitate any manufacturer service requests under warranty also. More about manufacturer warranties here.

*All our appointments are conducted under strict COVID19 guidelines to minimise risk to you and our staff. More information the Audiology guidelines for COVID19 can be found here.

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