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Hearing Aid Styles

We are an independent hearing aid specialist, and maintain excellent relationships with all the UK hearing aid manufacturers. We provide a wide range of options for replacement hearing aids to match hearing loss, budget and lifestyle, to ensure the best results for each customer.

There are two main hearing aid styles, those that sit behind the ear, and those that are custom made to fit inside the ear canal. Countrywide Hearing do not charge any extra for the different styles, our goal is to provide what is most suitable for you. We can provide replacement hearing aids to match any existing, and also offer the very latest models if you wanted to upgrade your hearing aid technology.

Take a look at the available hearing aid styles below.

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    Receiver In Canal (RIC)

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    Rechargeable RIC

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    Completely in Canal (CIC)

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    In The Canal (ITC)

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    Rechargeable ITC

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    Slim RIC

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